Design for Life: The Danish Way to Circular Design is Durability and Adaptability

The DNA of Danish fashion and furniture has always been great design and durability. Products you can keep for a lifetime; adapt to different lifestyles, homes, and situations, or pass on for others to use in their life. This durability is the cornerstone for the circular economy, where resources circulate between uses, preferably in the same shape.


Invite-only industry event
Virtual and live-streamed 


Tuesday: 23 March, 2021

11.30 am EST



With this foundation of durability and adaptability, it is also no surprice that many danish lifestyle brands do very well on the resale market, as high quality is a foundation for many lives in the resale market. Many of the Danish brands showing at New Your Circular Week also offer lifetime guarantee and work with resellers to secure authenticity. They know that telling the story of the product before use AND in the many usephases is an important value adding activity.

In this virtual roundtable we will take a deep dive into the concepts of design for circularity. We will shed light on this from various angles, being either through longevity, durability, modular design, redesign, or repairs. The aim is to provide actionable inspiration and provide insight into the strategies of the frontrunners who are on this journey.


Circular City Week is about bringing people together, sharing solutions, and inspire local action. This event will thus be bringing together Danish brands with American counterparts, and we will use this virtual world to break down the barriers of transatlantic interaction. 


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