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A Circular Economy

in the Building Industry:

From Pilot to Mainstream

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

12.00 - 5.00 pm

SAP Purpose and Sustainability Center, 10 Hudson Yards, NYC

Join BLOXHUB's action-oriented workshop, which is part of a global workshop series to design an irresistible circular society. Based on similar workshops hosted in Europe, the mission of the workshop is to develop a roadmap. A roadmap, that identifies opportunities, barriers, and supporting business model elements targeted toward solving the circular scalability challenge.


Register your interest to be part of the selected workshop group!



12:00: Networking lunch

1:00: Presentations

  • "From pilot to mainstream” workshop results from Europe​

  • American case


1:45: Workshop sessions 

  • Group discussion and ideation

  • Inspirational talks

Coffee break

3:15: Co-creation sessions

  • Inspirational talks

  • Presentation of work 

4:45: Sum up and thank you



  • Global architecture, engineering and consultancy company. 16,500+ employees and experts in creating sustainable solutions.

Gaia Wood Technology

  • Developers of breakthrough technology that fully impregnates wood with both double durability and high quality.

SMALL Revolution

  • Transforms plastic waste into interior products and rethinks waste recycling from the industry.

Henning Larsen 

  • An architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, and interior, graphic, and lighting design studio.


The workshop will be highly interactive and consists of presentations from selected attendees, findings from previous workshops, and co-creation sessions based on concrete circular challenges. 

During the workshop we will work with the following two dilemmas:

1) The market is responding to circular economy through an increasing demand for circular economy profiled projects. However, ensuring a reliable supply of circular materials to meet the demand, is a challenge.

How is this barrier addressed in order to ensure that it does not discourage developers’ movement from a linear to a circular business model? 

2) Innovation is key for the future circular market. The circular innovation has to a large extent been driven by start-ups and smaller and more agile companies. There is a risk that the large companies are the only ones able to respond to increasing circular demand. There is also a risk that larger companies will do this based on business models, which loses out on the innovation capacity that exists in the smaller companies.


How can we create a circular market, where the SME’s innovation capacity is integrated into a market led by larger companies?



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This workshop will gather high-skilled professionals from the American building industry. The ideal workshop group consists of representatives that have experience with, or in-depth understanding of, circular construction. More so, if you are involved in building-related projects that face challenges in scaling, have encountered legislative hurdles and/or are in need of partners to move your circular ideas forward, this is a workshop for you.


BLOXHUB believes the best ideas are born in co-creation with a cross-disciplinary team with different approaches and a variety of interests. Therefore this call for action is open to stakeholders, companies, and organizations - small or large, new or old, public or private. 

Potential workshop attendees include:

  • Public agencies

  • Building owners

  • Construction companies

  • Architectural + engineering-related businesses

  • Universities

  • Management companies

  • Demolition and recycling companies

Your commitment:

Attendees must be excited about circularity and be able to actively contribute to the workshop and the roadmap development.

The workshop is limited to approx. 25 participants, who will be selected from those who apply. There is no participation fee.


During the last decade, the building industry has established a solid knowledge base within circular construction - both when it comes to design, materials, and documentation.

However, these achievements have largely been obtained through pilot projects. So how does the building industry organize itself in order to ensure a circular transition from pilot to mainstream projects and which key elements have to line up to successfully implement a circular business model?


Useful publications
for an introduction to circular economy principles
in the built environment: 

Get to know BLOXHUB, its members, and how they facilitate challenges and matchmaking globally 


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