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Thank you for partnering with Circular City Week New York! 

This is our partner page, where you can find all you need in terms of outreach material, pictures, logos and where you can also submit your circular story to us.

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We offer all our partners the opportunity to submit a circular case story. This is our way to help spread the word about your work and aim. We will feature your case story on SoMe and in our weekly newsletter. 

A case story can be anything from an update on a recent publication, news about an initiative or project of yours or it can be a description of your work. Essentially anything that you would like to share with our network and to create awareness around your mission. The only requirement is that your story has a clear circular economy angle.

If you need inspiration you can explore the case stories we have already shared and you can see how they will be featured in our newsletter. 


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Thank you for partnering with Circular City Week New York! 

This is our partner page, where you can find all you need in terms of outreach material, pictures, logos and where you can also submit your circular story to us.

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Circular City Week New York is a festival for circular economy related events and it takes place from 22-28 March 2020. Whether you are looking for inspiration to how your organization can start a circular transition or explore what local and global frontrunners are currently doing, Circular City Week encompasses it all. Yearly 50+ events gathers more than 4.000 participants and we hope to also see you there!

The transformative potential of a circular economy is not specific to a single sector but can be linked to everything from digitization and the sharing economy, to the food industry and the built environment. It is about designing out waste, creating new business models, increase reuse and recycling, and creating resource efficient economies.


Want to take part of the biggest circular economy festival in the US from March 22-28, 2021? Become a partners or a Circular City Week event host. This is your opportunity to explore and discuss new trends and solutions with circular economy professionals. Learn more at

Circular City Week New York is your chance to take part in the biggest circular economy platform in the US and raise awareness about your circular initiative or solution with other industry professionals. The festival is virtual this year and event submission for Circular City Week 2021 is now open. Do not miss out on this opportunity and submit your event today. It is free!

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60+ events have been added to 2021 #CircularCityWeek Event Calendar! Proud to join forces with @CircularWeek to present a diverse list of events & activities hosted from 22-28 March 2021. Visit the calendar & stay tuned as new activities added every week:

If you are looking to stay updated on news from the #circulareconomy ecosystem @CircularWeek has gathered an extensive case story library online. New cases every week + great warm readings before #CircularCityWeek #NewYork happening from 22-28 March 2021!

2021 #CircularCityWeek is only a few weeks away! Join @CircularWeek for an insightful opening of #CircularCityWeek #NewYork on March 22. Interactive talks will showcase various routes #corporates can take to contribute to a circular future. Register today:


Proud to join forces with @CircularWeek #NewYork which for the 3rd year will convene 4000+ people to explore how to move from the current linear take-make-waste economy to a #circular future. Explore how you can can also be an active part of the festival:

This year @CircularWeek's Closing Celebration put an emphasis on how #CircularEconomy can unlock the next generation of #energy #sustainability. Join and celebrate the success of #CircularCityWeek with us!

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Quick Facts About Circular City Week


Circular City Week New York is an open collaborative festival for circular economy related events. This festival is yearly and was first hosted in March 2019.


The week consists of 50+ events and more than 110+ speakers. In 2020 more than 4,000 attendees and 90 partners and hosts where involved.


Circular City Week takes place from Monday, March 22 to Sunday March 28, 2021.

This year most of the events will be virtual. This has the advantage of enabling even more partners, attendees and host to engage in the festival. Smaller in-person events might be possible if local restrictions in March 2021 allows.


Circular City Week New York is all about taking part in the circular movement and spur action . 


Circular City Week wants to give everyone a platform for knowledge sharing and the aim is to inspire industry professionals across sectors, showcase international pioneers, highlight local change makers and engage students to be the future of circularity.  


Circular City Week New York is hosted by Danish Cleantech Hub. We are an international public-private partnership based at Urban Future Lab in Downtown Brooklyn. Our founding partners are The Confederation of Danish Industry and State of Green.

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