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Partner Resources

Thank you for partnering with Circular City Week New York! 

This is our partner page, where you can find all you need in terms of outreach material, pictures and logos as well as  where you can submit your circular story to us.

Submit Case Story

We offer all our partners the opportunity to submit a circular case story. This is our way to help spread the word about your work and intention. We will feature your case story on Social Media and in our weekly newsletter. 

A case story can be anything from an update on a recent publication or report, news about an initiative/ project of yours, or a description of your work--essentially, anything that you would like to share with our network and create awareness around your mission. The only requirement is that your story has a clear circular economy angle.

If you need inspiration, you can explore the case stories we have already shared and you can see how they will be featured in our newsletter. 

Submit case story
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otreach advisory

Outreach Advisory

We want to make it as easy as possible for our partners to create and share circular content. Download outreach materials, pictures from previous Circular City Week events, and logos. Find text suggestions, tags. and handles to use for your social media account.

Thank you for partnering with us and spreading the word about Circular City Week!

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