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Highlights From 2019  

Circular City Week New York 2019 is concluded. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared their stories during the week.  


If you missed out on some of the events, or want to re-watch your favorite speaker, the recorded events are available on this page. The extensive photo gallery provides picture from the 30+ events and 70+ speakers which took the stage during Circular City Week.

It is also possible to access the presentations used by many of the speakers, and find links to articles written about the week and the activities that took place.

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Pioneer Talks

Event Recordings

Clean Energy Connections presents

The Circular Economy


Tuesday March 5 

6.30pm @ The Green Space

How do we turn plastic into reusable building materials? How do you design products to be infinitely recyclable? How can we turn food waste into a fuel source? Clean Energy Connections presents an introduction to the Circular Economy and the exciting new technologies and businesses that will produce a sustainable future. Speakers include Mayor's Office of Sustainability, Trust of Governors Island,  Center for the Circular Economy and Re-Nuble.

Making it Circular:

The Role of Industries & Circular Cities


Tuesday March 5 

11.00am @ United Nations Headquarters

United Nations Industrial Development Organization, in collaboration with United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, did with this event shed light on the opportunities created in the nexus of industrial development and circular economy practices, focusing how they can bridge cities’ waste management with economic growth and social prosperity. This event featured representatives from governmental institutions, industries and experts in circular economy.


Spotlight on Design Innovation

in the Circular Economy


Wednesday March 6 

6.00pm @ Baruch College, Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity

Pioneer Partner, the Center for the Circular Economy, moderated a lively discussion with three entrepreneurs and designers who are using innovative materials, technology, and design to turn linear challenges into circular solutions. Design professionals in architecture, fashion, and packaging shared their solutions to reduce construction waste through design innovation; track clothing throughout its lifecycle through technological advances, and prevent plastic pollution of our oceans through edible single-use packaging.

Achieving Circular Material Loops

with Gypsum Wall Board


Friday March 8 

8.30am @ Center for Architecture

Gypsum wallboard has great potential for circularity as it can be recycled indefinitely, but it is fragile and has to be separated from other construction waste. Up to 20 percent of construction waste on a typical NYC job site is gypsum wallboard, including both new scraps and wallboard from demolition for renovation, but only 5 percent of it is consistently diverted. What can architects and developers do to change this situation? Hear from the experts who have been working together to develop specifications, design guidelines and best practices to ensure gypsum wallboard is recycled in a circular material loop.