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Events & Activities

Events and activities, hosted by an array of local and global stakeholders, will took place over all New York City. We are invited all interested stakeholders to come together as to help drive forward change and inspire one another to close the loop.

From panel discussions and site visits, to exhibitions and seminars, any organizations can play a central role in advancing the debate and creating awareness about the immense economic, environmental and social potential of a circular economy.

List of Events

We are proud to announce the full activities and event line up for Circular City Week New York 2019.


Experience FLOW

Monday March 4 - Sunday March 10

10am - 6pm every day @ The Bellwether by The Vanderbilt Republic


To stop by this amazing Midtown space, which all week is showcasing how circular economy can be a source of artistic inspiration, how the theme of FLOW can reflect the global concerns embedded in circular design thinking. The Vanderbilt Republic presents this immersive experience, which is both an exhibition and a site-responsive  visual performance and artists installation. Artists include Cynthia AlbertoClaudia SohrensIrene Mamiye, Inkyoung Bae + Chanan Ben Simone, Alexis Mena/Universe City Food HubKlaus PinterPhilippe Halaburda & Sanem Odaba. No registration needed and it is free, just stop by 222 East 46 street.  Flow will also be open 11am -7pm over the weekend. 


Community Compost Build

Monday March 4 

9.00am @ Governors Island, Earth Matter Compost Learning Center


Join Earth Matter to build a compost windrow! The project will combine 14,000 lbs of neighborhood food scraps with an equal amount of Governors Island yard waste. This is a great opportunity to learn about how to construct an aerated static (ASP) system. No experience necessary, but dress warmly and wear water resistant clothing and boots. 

Delivery for Cities.jpg

Official Opening Event

Circular Economy - Delivery for Cities

Monday March 4 

4.00pm @ Arup


Kick start your week with exploring how circular economy can lead to wholly new ways of creating economic value, as well as opportunities to deliver against key mayoral priorities, and support climate objectives and Sustainable Development Goals. Why is circular economy key to 21st century cities? How can circular economy work in cities? And what role do city governments have in the transition? T It will be an insightful afternoon with discussions of best practices taken by cities around the world and the sharing of actionable urban strategies. Speakers from Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Arup, C40 and NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability.


US largest Materials Recovery Facility 

Sims Municipal Recycling Tour

Monday March 4 

6.00pm @ Sims Municipal Recycling, Brooklyn


Visit the largest sorting system of its kind in the US from an elevated observation deck and bridge overlook. Discover the expansive system of equipment which sorts hundreds of tons of metal, glass, and plastic each day.Sims Municipal Recycling (SMR) has quickly become the cornerstone of the New York City curbside recycling program, as they processes 100% of the metal, glass and plastic collected by the New York City Sanitation Department throughout the city. In 2013, SMR opened its state-of-the-art materials recovery facility in Brooklyn – a facility that processes the largest volume of metal, glass and plastic in North America.

impact investing.jpg

Impact Investing 101

with Closed Loop Partners

Monday March 4 

6.00pm @ AgTech X Co-Lab


Are you a mission-driven business? Looking to raise money but not compromise on your values? Before you make assumptions or develop a fundraising strategy, get advice from an expert, Danielle Joseph from Closed Loop Partners, on why venture capital may or may not be the right fit for you; what's different in the impact investing world; and what other alternatives exist for raising capital. You'll leave with a clearer understanding of which route makes most sense for your unique business model and goals.


Brooklyn Solid Waste Advisory Board Meeting

Monday March 4 

6.30pm @ Brooklyn Borough Hall

swab e.PNG

The Brooklyn Solid Waste Advisory Board is a volunteer citizens’ advisory board dedicated to helping NYC achieve its zero waste goals. They advise the  Borough President, City Council, City Administration and others on policies and programs regarding the development, promotion and operation of the City’s waste prevention, reuse and recycling programs. Speak your mind and join the movement. Speakers will include Keith Carr, Program Manager, City Harvest. No RSVP needed, everyone is welcome.


Rise New York & Barclays' ENA Present: Funding Green Innovation

Tuesday March 5 

8.30am @ Rise New York

Capture kj.PNG

According to the IFC, the Paris Agreement presents a $23 trillion investment opportunity between now and 2030. Join Barclays to discuss the current state of funding for green, circular and socially conscious innovations with panelists from Closed Loop Partners, Columbia University and Minor Change Group.


Creative REuse:

Tour of Materials for the Arts

Tuesday March 5 

9.30am @ Materials For The Arts, Long Island City


Join us for a tour of Materials for the Arts, who builds relationships with the New York City arts, culture and educational communities by teaching the value of Creative REuse and supplying endless donated materials for art making. It is a magical warehouse, education facility and community center! How it works: Materials for the Arts diverts surplus items away from the waste stream by taking in donations from individuals and businesses. Schools and organizations find innovative ways to use these materials by creating artwork and unique projects, and materials are given out for free to nonprofits and schools.

CE PIC 6_edited.png

Making it Circular:

The Role of Industries & Circular Cities

Tuesday March 5 

11.00am @ United Nations Headquarters


United Nations Industrial Development Organization, in collaboration with United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, will with this event shed light on the opportunities created in the nexus of industrial development and circular economy practices, focusing how they can bridge cities’ waste management with economic growth and social prosperity. This event will be featuring representatives from governmental institutions, industries and experts in circular economy.


Laurence Carr Design presents

Circular Material Use

Tuesday March 5 

11.00am @ CocoMat showroom at Lexington Ave


How to make use of waste, upcycled materials as a product company in the design world? Laurence Carr Design, a pioneering holistic interior design studio, will present Coco-Mat, a bed, linens and sleep product company, with a case example of methods of reuse of waste and up cycling of materials. The values of sustainable production, consumption and manufacturing will be discussed. We welcome thought leaders and sustainability professionals to a light lunch and learn at Coco Mat Showroom on Lexington Avenue.


Clean Energy Connections presents

The Circular Economy

Tuesday March 5 

6.30pm @ The Green Space


How do we turn plastic into reusable building materials? How do you design products to be infinitely recyclable? How can we turn food waste into a fuel source? Clean Energy Connections presents an introduction to the Circular Economy and the exciting new technologies and businesses that will produce a sustainable future. Speakers include Mayor's Office of Sustainability, Trust of Governors Island,  Center for the Circular Economy and Re-Nuble.

broklyn Grange.jpg

Planning an Urban Vegetable Garden Workshop

Tuesday March 5 

6.30pm @ Brooklyn Grange


It's time to get your plans together for your spring garden! Brooklyn Grange Co Founder and Director of Agriculture, Ben Flanner will start the class by discussing different types of planting options from boxes to raised beds, sun exposures, soil, potting mix, fertility and seeds. He'll also present different layout strategies, best ways to plan for the cycles of the season, how to succession plant, and how to get the most flavor, quality, and fun from your garden!  After which, each attendee will make a diagram of their own plots, and share with like-minded urban gardeners. 

waste system.jpg

Official Pioneer Event:

Investing in Waste as a Resource

Wednesday March 6 

8.30am @ Freshfields


It’s all about going circular these days. But weaving our current New York waste system into one never-ending bundle of recycling and reuse is no easy task. Join us, and our Pioneer Partners, for a morning among your peers, for an interactive conversation with organizations who have already ventured into investing in waste as a resource.Speakers include Cooper Recycling, The Center for the Circular Economy New York and NYC Department of Sanitation.

book reliease.PNG

Book Release:

A Changemaker's Guide to the Future

Wednesday March 6 

4.00pm @ Arup


Join Lendager Group for a festive afternoon with drinks and talks when they release their new book "A changemaker’s guide to the future" This is their contribution to a better understanding of what circular economy really is. Why is it necessary? How will it shape our future designs, businesses and cities? For the release, they have teamed up with some of the leading experts in both thinking and doing circular economy in the US. This also includes the chance to figure out what circular economy taste like, as the afternoon will finish off with a beer tasting. 


Spotlight on Design Innovation

in the Circular Economy

Wednesday March 6 

6.00pm @ Baruch College, Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity


Pioneer Partner, the Center for the Circular Economy, is moderating a lively discussion with three entrepreneurs and designers who are using innovative materials, technology, and design to turn linear challenges into circular solutions. Design professionals in architecture, fashion, and packaging will share their solutions to reduce construction waste through design innovation; track clothing throughout its lifecycle through technological advances, and prevent plastic pollution of our oceans through edible single-use packaging. The event is hosted by the Sustainability Practice Network & Baruch College - Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity.


Circular Economy Club

Global Screening: Closing the Loop

Wednesday March 6 

6.00pm @ Columbia University


Join the screening of "Closing the Loop" – the world’s first feature-length documentary film on circular economy, as part of the Circular Economy Club global screening. The documentary explores five key strategies for achieving circularity – reduce, reuse, recycle, renew and reinvent – showcasing examples from Europe, Latin America and Africa. Participation is free. 


The World of Construction Waste:

Tour of Cooper Recycling Facility

Thursday March 7 

9.30am @ Cooper Recycling, Brooklyn


Come and tour our Pioneer Partner Cooper Recycling’s state of the art construction and demolition recycling facility in Brooklyn, where you will get a firsthand look at the recycling process and learn about certification, recycling and processing. In addition to using state-of-the-art equipment, Cooper are spearheading C&D recycling by using equipment designed to recycle 95% of incoming materials. Hence, Cooper is raising the bar and, through outreach and transparency, encouraging other facilities to step up and help the city achieve its vision of zero waste by 2030.

Capture kjk_edited.png

No More Plastic: Sustainable Packaging Solutions from the Nordics

Thursday March 7 

8.00am @ Consulate General of Finland in New York


Join an inspiring breakfast and meet Finnish companies who are rethinking sustainable solutions.Program includes an introduction to Finland's national roadmap to circular economy and the chance to meet  Kotkamill's: Creators of plastic free and fully recyclable barrier boards for food service and packaging, and one of the winners of the Next Gen Cup Challenge. Sulapac: Producers of biobased and compostable packaging material, partnering e.g. with Chanel. Her Majesty's Drinking Box / Dolea: Creators / producers of sustainable single-use products with competitive advantages. New product launch at the event!

CON nl.jpg

From Sustainability to Circularity:

Examples from Netherland & New York

Thursday March 7 

10.00am @ Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York


If all the material flows considered in “sustainability” can be made into closed loops then a “circular” economy becomes possible. In this world every waste- and byproduct becomes a useful input for something else. Join specialists from New York and the Netherlands who are working on sustainable and circular projects ranging from individual sites development, to district energy solutions, up to regional strategies for metropolitan areas.

wool sweatter_edited.jpg

Sustainable Fashion: A Conversation on Sustainability Goals + Social Impact

Thursday March 7 

12.00 noon @ Project Farmhouse


Sustainability is a top trend and some companies in the industry have begun to have an awakening with leading brands coming out supporting sustainable initiatives from fair labor, organic dyes and recycled materials. But what’s the tipping point to making sustainability mainstream? Capalino+Company invites thought leaders, designers and sustainability professionals to help us begin to solve the problem right here in New York City. We invite you to take part in our lunch conversation whether you have interest as a partner or participant we are welcoming all types of talent to join in finding long-term, impactful solutions for the fashion industry right here.


Exploring Circular Economy Business Models in the US

Thursday March 7 

6.00 pm @ ING Office


Join Pioneer Partner, ING, for an exclusive discussion on the development of circular economy business models in the US, featuring a panel of leading voices on the subject. Hosted by Anne van Riel, Head of Sustainable Finance in the Americas for ING, the event will include an overview of ING’s recent corporate survey on circular implementation in the US, followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A. Speakers from NYC Economic Development Corporation, Closed Loop Partners and Xylem. Networking reception will begin and end the evening.


Reducing Textile Waste

Partnerships to Close the Loop

Thursday March 7 

6.00pm @ Building Energy Exchange


Partnerships to Close the Loop is a collaborative pitch competition and networking event bringing together new ideas on reducing textile waste in New York City. The event, aimed at identifying cross-sector partnerships, has invited applications from businesses looking to reduce their textile waste, as well as from nonprofit materials reuse organizations with creative solutions to textile waste. The event will begin with lightning presentations from all ten of the accepted participants. After the presentations, the event participants will spend time connecting, identifying partners, and building collaborative project pitches.


The Missing Link:

Non–recyclable Plastics

Thursday March 7

6.00pm @ COMPANY


What do we do with plastic products that are made of plastics other than 1,2 or 3? The products that are already produced and in our hands? They don't need to be landfilled or incinerated - they are a resource that can be captured, processed and upcycled into another useful product to serve the communities for years to come. Join BeNatural, Newtecpoly, and Perl Street when they take a virtual live tour through the Australian plant of a brand new technology that can handle ALL types of plastic and eliminate the contamination problem. We will dive into how the technology and process is working in Australia and look at parallels and other challenges to consider while implementing in the US - starting within our area. Program include presentations and virtual tour followed by a Q&A and open discussion concluding with a wine and cheese networking, and social hour. 


Zero Waste Island: Center Work Day

Friday March 8 

9.00am @ Governors Island, Earth Matter Compost Learning Center


Enjoy Governors Island, while visiting a flock of chickens and compost operator apprentices. Learn about the many devices and methods of composting that is utilized at the island. This is a chance to work on an array of hands-on projects that relate to community composting initiatives. Lend a hand with animal care or processing of compost.


Achieving Circular Material Loops

with Gypsum Wall Board

Friday March 8 

8.30am @ Center for Architecture


Gypsum wallboard has great potential for circularity as it can be recycled indefinitely, but it is fragile and has to be separated from other construction waste. Up to 20 percent of construction waste on a typical NYC job site is gypsum wallboard, including both new scraps and wallboard from demolition for renovation, but only 5 percent of it is consistently diverted. What can architects and developers do to change this situation? Come hear from the experts who have been working together to develop specifications, design guidelines and best practices to ensure gypsum wallboard is recycled in a circular material loop. 


NYU Social Innovation Symposium: Striving for the Circular Economy

Friday March 8 

12 noon @ Kimmel Center for University Life


Hosted by the Stern School of Business, Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, and the NYU School of Law, the Social Innovation Symposium provides an annual forum for nearly 250 professionals, academics, and students to explore and share bold ideas. This year’s theme, Striving for the Circular Economy, considers how integrating the principles of the circular economy leads to sustainable and innovative outcomes in business, policy, and law. Through a series of panels and workshops, trailblazers will lead discussions on the implications of the circular economy in consumer products, B2B companies and startups, technology and innovation, impact investing, and much more. This year's Keynote Speaker will be Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, a global leader in the collection and re-purposing of complex waste streams.


The Official Closing Celebration:

Rethinking City Planning & Architecture

Friday March 8 

5.30pm @ The Williamsburg Hotel


Join us, and all our partners, for a festive closing celebration of Circular City Week. We will provide drinks and snacks, along with inspirational talks from our Pioneer Partners on how the circular economy can revolutionize value creation in the built environment, drive the use of new materials, be a guiding principle in city planning and advance innovative architecture. Keynote speakers include ROCKWOOL, Arup and Central Denmark Region. Attendees will also receive a year long subscription to Renewable Matter, the international circular economy magazine.  


House 4 House Family Play-shop

Saturday March 9 

2.00pm @ Center for Architecture


Families are invited to meet toy designers from Denmark and test out a new sustainable construction toy made entirely from recycled materials.


C&D World 2019

Sunday March 10 

12 noon @ New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge


C&D World, the Annual Meeting of the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association, is the largest conference to focus on the needs of the C&D industry. The conferences is designed for networking and exploration of the greatest and latest industry technology and trends. 

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