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The private sector, public stakeholders, academic institutions, and NGOs are all invited to participate in this exciting week of festivities, by submitting an event. This is a great opportunity to brand your organization as circular economy mover and addressing and sharing subject matters that are business-critical.

We are happy to contribute with ideas for topics, formats and speakers to help creating a fruitful event.


It is free to submit an event or activity to the online platform!

Get an exclusive speaking opportunity tailored to make your
organization shine

CCW is your chance

to talk directly to peers and share your circular
efforts - and go beyond
the quick headlines

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globally emerging conversation at the biggest US

circular event

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events out to our 7500+ newsletter readers with an open-rate, double the industry average

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Become a Volunteer

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There are exciting opportunities available to support Circular City Week 2021. We welcome everyone to use this form to express their interest in volunteering, and we will be in touch in early 2021 with more information.

What is Circular Economy?

Why a circular economy now?

The rapid increase in population growth, coupled with an ever-expanding middle class has placed the planet’s limited resources under strain. As the world industrialized, we adopted linear production and consumption models. As a response to these challenges, and in recognition that the current situation is unsustainable, a new economic model is necessary.


Illustration courtesy of Innovation Cloud

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