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The Circularity in Furniture series explores furniture, design, interiors, and materials as a set of inter-related sectors early in their transition to circularity.

This series is presenting 7 events in collaboration with Laurence Carr Inc, the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Mebl | Transforming Furniture, Danish Cleantech Hub and a few more companies who will be featuring a wide range of industry leading co-hosts.

Online Event: May 2 @ 1pm

How Business Leaders Drive Change: ‘Circularity’ from Within

How do business leaders drive change from within toward greater ‘circularity’ in corporate practices? What strategies do they use to transform their companies along the production- and life-cycles of their products and services – from design, sourcing, manufacturing and sales to use, reuse, recycling, and/or end-of-life? 

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Online Event: May 3 @ noon

The Next Frontier: Circularity in Design

Circular economy practices are becoming more widely understood and have finally taken a foothold in the built environment and furnishings industry. But how do we accelerate this movement, what is the next frontier of circular progress, and what impact can it have?


Online Event : May 4 @1pm

Public Policy & Circularity – Business Can Move the Needle

How can companies support and inform critical public policy to advance the transition to a circular economy? Using examples from the furniture and home-cleaning products industries, we’ll explore opportunities for involvement by companies of all sectors, sizes and levels of policy engagement. 

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Exhibition: 5+6 May @ 10am-5pm

Danish Design: Visit the Circular Showroom

 Visit the Danish Circular Design Showroom and see what the future of sustainability looks like from the lens of everyday interior design and furnishings. This is a rare opportunity to experience exceptionally crafted Danish designs that exemplify how the circular economy can be used to guide the design process and improve sustainability. 

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Online Event: May 5 @ noon

Circularity and the Future of Furniture Design

Is the furniture of today the raw materials of our future? Working towards a circular economy is a clear path towards a healthier future for the planet, our homes and the people who make our objects, but there can be hiccups along the way.

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Online Event: May 6 @ noon

The Circularity Challenge of Toxic Chemicals in Furniture 

This event shines a light on the problem of hazardous chemicals in furniture and interiors, with a focus on solutions that facilitate circular design, cleaner manufacturing, and material reuse in a circular economy. With an aim to help consumers and makers grapple with this issue, leading tech and design solutions will be discussed.


Exhibition: May 7 @ 6pm

The Circular Furniture Model of the Future

A pop-up that encompasses the beauty and potential of the circular economy to revitalize the furniture industry. Explore the commitment to regeneration and revitalization through two lenses: creation and preservation. The space will showcase both urban wood furniture as well as resale items.

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