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Circle Economy - Jobs and Skills Launch Event

About the event

Circle Economy officially launches its Jobs & Skills in the Circular Economy Programme in March 2020. The ambition of the Programme is to ensure a positive transition to circularity for work and workers. 

To this end, the programme is set to become a centre of expertise that develops and shares knowledge and best practices on the future of work in the circular economy. To counter fragmentation and duplication of efforts in the field, the programme will closely collaborate with partners from the private sector, the public sector and civil society. 

In addition to the launch of the J&S Programme and the partnership, the launch is geared towards knowledge exchange with the private, public and civil society sectors and the broadening of our community within and outside of Europe. 


1.30 pm         Arrival and registration


2.00 pm         Opening: The future of circular jobs, why and why now? 


2.20 pm         Panel discussion

The panel covers questions such as how to increase the viability of re- and upskilling by employers in transition to circularity; how to shift the mindsets of  workers in the circular economy; how to mainstream circular economy education pathways in initial schooling and lifelong learning; and how to better align education and skills needs from circular industry.

  • Speaker 1

  • Speaker 2

  • Speaker 3


Q&A with panelists


3.10 pm         Break


3.30 pm         Challenges expo

  • Where does circularity fit in our school system?

  • How can we increase understanding of circular skills needs?

  • How can we create a policy environment that promotes circular skills development?

  • How can ensure workers and employers have the right mindsets for the ce to succeed?

  • How can we better connect industry and education?


4.30 pm        Closing: Launch of the Jobs and Skills Program


4.45 pm        Drinks & Bites

5.30 pm       Thank you

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