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Take Part in Circular City Week

Circular City Week New York is all about taking part in the circular movement and spur action. The 2022 edition of the festival will offer a range of opportunities to engage and actively get involved. 

If you want to take part in Circular City Week 2022, one of the ways is to become an event host which is open to anyone and is free. Please stay tuned as we in the fall of 2021 will open up for event submissions.  


There are also plenty of partnership possibilities for both public, private and nonprofit stakeholders - both from New York or somewhere else - and for everyone from community organizations and startups to multinationals institutions and corporations. 


More information on partnership opportunities below, but please contact us today, if you want to become a partner, have questions, ideas for activities, wish to support our mission or showcase your circular commitment. 

As Premium Partner you have the opportunity to lead the headlines of Circular City Week New York. Your organization will be an integrated part of the largest circular economy event in the US, before, during and after. A team is ready to assist you in any way to enhance and support your circular efforts. The support and sponsorship from our partners are what makes Circular City Week a reality. 


If you want to showcase your pioneering solutions, now is your chance. As a Pioneer Partner, we will work with you to become an integrated part of the festival and get access to subjects that matter to you as a brand and organization. This partnership offers everything from a speaking engagement at our official events, event planning assistance to sharing your circular story on all communication channels available.


Circular economy is all about collaboration. Circular City Week wants to get as many organizations and stakeholders as possible involved, as to advance the circular movement. So if you share our mission and want to support the festival by spreading the word, through in-kind contributions, or interested in event planning assistance  - we would love to hear from you.

If your organization wants to be part of Circular City Week and support us by spreading the word - be an official Publicity Partner. Help us engage more partners and attendees to grow awareness about the circular movement and be featured as an official CCW partner on the website.

The private sector, public stakeholders, academic institutions, and NGOs are all invited to participate by hosting an event - both virtual or in-person events in New York. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge with the entire Circular City Week community, showcase what you are doing, and engage more partners and stakeholders. Submitting an event is free. 




Why a Circular City Week

Circular economy is a global mega trend, with the potential to transform industries and redesign urban living. The transformative potential of circularity is not specific to a single sector, but can be linked to everything from digitization and the sharing economy, to the food industry and the built environment.


Circular City Week wants to give everyone a platform for knowledge sharing, no matter whether you approach circularity from a design perspective, an environmental awareness standpoint, as an growth agenda, or as a mean to rethinking consumerism. 

The aim of the week is to inspire industry professionals across sectors, showcase international pioneers, highlight local change makers and engage students to be the future of circularity.  

Circular City Week also intends to be an engaging festival, where activities are diverse and fun. Previous Circular City Week activities included a book release, conferences, an art exhibition, Lunch & Learns,  a film screening, a family play-shop, tours, a pitch competition, site visits  and workshops.

Be part of the movement - 2021 stats


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Circular City Week is about the power of knowledge sharing and bringing people together to share ideas. Our aim is to contribute to showcasing the global front runners, local change-makers and create a platform for all those who want to join the circular movement.

Circular City Week Highlights 2021

Circular City Week Highlights 2021

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