Highlights From 2020  

Circular City Week New York 2020 is concluded! 

In the light of the world-wide pandemic Circular City Week evolved into a Circular City Season to continue advancing the debate and support circular economy activities.


Thank you to everyone who participated and shared their stories. We look forward to meeting you at Circular City Week New York 2021.

Event Recordings

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The Global Impact from the Mainstreaming of Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing

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Monday March 16 @12.30pm


Moving away from a sole focus on profit maximization into incorporate social and environmental factors in its investment decision making process could have a positive impact on the global capital markets and on the key factors that the United Nations has identified in their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Re-watch how a panel discussed the exploding popularity of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment and the impact on the global economy.

Designing Out Waste

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Tuesday March 17 @7.00pm 


URBAN-X hosted together with The Grid, Just Salad and Agritecture an virtual event where the panel explored how startups and existing businesses across the food value chain have evolved to create zero-waste solutions. The conversation, led by Allison Shapiro, Executive Director at Closed Loop Partners, shined a light on non-obvious sources of waste that occur in the food system, as well as cultural and logistical barriers in harnessing the value of agricultural waste at scale. Speakers highlighted the importance of putting the farmer at the center of the equation, preserving our soil, and investing in diverse forms of nutrition (including bugs and algae!) to be able to close the loop in the food value chain. 

The Need to Accelerate Circularity in Textiles


Thursday March 19 @4.00pm


Accelerating Circularity, a collaborative industry project developed to accelerate the textile industry’s move from linear to circular, shared information on the requirements and capabilities of cellulosic chemical  recycling and outlined the types and flows of textile waste that will be the new raw materials for circular supply chains. Participants filled out a survey, that will provide information designed to provide information that will help the move from linear to circular.

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Skills to Power The Circular Economy

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Friday March 20 @9.00am 


The circular economy provides wellbeing for all within planetary boundaries. To ensure that jobs enhance this wellbeing, we need to skill our global workforce for the circular economy and explore new ways of learning. To that end, Circle Economy launched The Circular Jobs Initiative during an online event with 150+ attendees from around 20 countries last week. Link to the report that marks The Circular Jobs Initiative here.

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Sims Municipal Recycling, Circular City Week Virtual Tour


Tuesday April 28 @4.00pm 


Hosted by the Recycling Education Center of Sims Municipal Recycling, this remote presentation features photos, videos and graphics describing the recycling process in New York City and beyond. Additionally, the presentation showcases operations at Sims Municipal Recycling, the largest Materials Recovery Facility in the country where each day 1,000 tons of NYC's residential recycling is received, sorted and prepared for sale. 


COVID-19 Impact on Sustainability


Wednesday June 10 @9.30am 


Freshfields hosted an informative session on the societal, environmental and economic fall-out from the COVID-19 crisis focusing among others on the effect it has on circular economy. The expert panel included representatives from Closed Loop Partners, NYC Economic Development Corporation, Unilever,  HSBC and Freshfields moderated by Gillian Tett from Financial Times. You will need to register before you are able to view any content.

Circular Furniture and Materials in the Design Environment


Tuesday June 16 @12.00pm 


Laurence Carr invited for an informative panel on the importance of understanding what furniture and accessories are made of and to emphasize the circular economy topic. How to make use of sustainable and upcycled materials, what shipping systems to think of to create healthy and luxurious interiors.

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